Niophlex – Innovation That Exceeds Your Expectations.

Now it's even easier to get healthy hair - a protecting and strengthening treatment for ALL chemical processes -  three products that make all the difference:

  1. Niophlex bonder 01 - creates new bonds and protects the inner structure of the hair.
  2. Niophlex Enhancer 02 – combines the bonds and provides moisture and care.
  3. Niophlex Maintainer 03 – homecare treatment for maintaining soft, strong & shiny hair.

Stronger and healthier hair starts with Niophlex.   The days of chemical processes leaving hair dry and the cuticles open, is over.  By combining Niophlex with traditional color and bleaching treatments, damage to the hair is prevented before its even started.  Niophlex adds bonds, elasticity and strength enhancing qualities to the hair.

Mixed with chemical treatment products, Niophlex Bonder creates new bonds, while protecting the hair’s inner structure, improves strength and elasticity of the hair.  Step two is applying the nourishing cream to combine the bonds, while providing moisture and care.  The third step is a twice a week salon and home treatment that softens and strengthens the hair, while it also aids flexibility and promotes high shine.

Key ingredients

- Soybean IsoFlavones: Adds nourishment to improve the condition of the hair.
- N-acetyl-L-cysteine: This makes bonds and protects the hair.
- Phytoceramide: Recovered from rice, it creates a protecting shield around the hair strain.
- Amino acid: Adds moisture and strengthening properties that preserve the moisture of the hair and repairs the damaged parts.

Hairframe Hairdressing Salon now includes Niophlex 1 & 2 in all chemical processes at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Don't forget to ask your stylist about Niophlex 1,2,3. Now available at Hairframe Hairdressing Salon: 021 851 1230

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