New Micro Keratin - Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Micro Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a new and highly advanced keratin smoothing treatment, a first for the hair industry.

In a world of products filled with chemicals, it’s difficult to find hair care products with natural ingredients. Micro Keratin is an all-natural product with natural and organic ingredients that will nourish your hair on a daily basis with unique vitamins and minerals, leaving the hair strong, healthy and shiny. Micro Keratin Smoothing Treatments do not contain formaldyde!

Throughout the day the hair is subjected to various damaging factors like sun, wind, humidity, chemicals, hair straighteners etc.  All these factors rob the hair from the natural protein in the hair, called keratin.  Losing the natural keratin in hair causes it to look brittle, frizzy, dull and have split ends. After years of research and development, Micro Keratin have developed a unique process called nanotechnology to create keratin molecules to heal your hair. Nanotechnology allows the natural keratin to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, by means of millions of microscopic molecules, repairing the hair from the inside out.  This allows the hair to naturally get rid of oils or keep oils inside to protect it. This unique, ground-breaking technology and treatment works on all types of hair, keeping the hair soft, shiny and elastic for up to 6 months.
The product range has been adapted to satisfy all customers’ hair requirements, be it, dry hair, weak or coloured hair or even hair that has been over exposed to chemicals. Each product has been developed to make the hair stronger and repair the damage, leaving the hair shiny and healthy looking again.

Micro Keratin consists of in-salon and a range of home, after-care treatments.

Micro Keratin Smoothing Treatments are now available at Hair Frame Hairdressing Salon 021 851 1230