IntraLipid Silk Protein Lift

 “Smokey Silver” is now the height of hair colour fashion. However, we all know the damaging effects that bleach has on the hair. Olaplex have launched treatments that minimise this damage. However, Goldwell’s  Silk Lift Serum  has been on the market for years and it’s a patented Intralipid Formula – Silk Protein Lift has been minimising bleach/tint damage for years.


By adding just a few drops to the Goldwell  high performance lightener or tint (which is 100% ammonia free), the patented Silk Lift Technology will get the following results:

  • Noticeably better condition thanks to the double conditioning effect of Silk Protein Lift.
  • Additional care for stressed hair – with Silkprotein CompLex and lntraLipid’1
  • Reliable and quick lift of up to 7 levels.
  • The first choice for all types of highlights and full head applications.
  • With Anti-Yellow-System: counteracts unwanted yellow tones.
  • 15% clearer blonde results for impressive beautiful colour results.
  • Proven conditioning performance during the lightening process thanks to Silkprotein Complex.
  • With IntraLipid: recharges missing lipids inside the hair.
  • Up to 25% reduced hair damage for fantastic hair feeling (Compared to bleaches by other manufacturers within the professional market).

Allan, from Hairframe Hairdressing Salon, has been using IntraLipid Silk Protein Lift (since its launch in South Africa)  together with, ammonia free, Goldwell performance lighteners and tints and has not ever experienced hair breakage (provided that client is only using these products)